Ottmar Hörl is a German artist born in Nauheim. From 1975 to 1979 he studied at the College of Fine Arts in Frankfurt Mainy. Later reinforced his studies in Fine Arts in Dusseldorf, with Kalus Rinke. He has gained fame for his installations in open environments, usually in multiplied scale as an installation in honor of the 150th anniversary of Arthur Rimbaud, which consisted in 800 portraits, and was presented at the Place Ducale. Another example is a thousand red roses installation made ​​in 2010, or his very famous Lutherans in child size. Since 2005, he is President of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. In 1985 he founded the “Fomalhaut” a group architects formed by Gabriela Seifert and Götz Stöckmann. In 1994 he won the Architecture Award from the Academy of Arts in Berlin, and in 1997 was awardedwith  the prize “International Art Market” in Dusseldorf. He is a professor of Fine Arts, Academy of Nuremberg.

Source and images: ©Ottmar Hörl

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