My work is based on improvisation, try not to stay locked on preconceptions and let the imagination run wild, and that’s how I get things more interesting … Olga Valeska

Olga Valeska is a 21 years French photographer and model . Currently studying literature and has been self-taught photographer. She specializes in conceptual photography in fashion, in creative portrait and self-portrait. Works with everything that lets her to express passions: fashion, design, hairstyles, makeup and wardrobe, creating sets and scenarios.

Olga has always felt the need to express, to create her own universe. Initially she was more interested in drawing, writing and sculpture, but these forms do not fully met as she used to rotate between them unable to fully express her feelings. Photography for Olga proved to be a unique way to express her dreams, ideals and questions. Olga did not want to create any impression, nor give reasons about her work. Some ideas and photos appear in her mind without knowing how or why. They relate more to the unconscious, an area where reason has no place and excludes all forms of rationality. Olga Valeska is a photographer interested in the strangeness, mystery, duality and anything beyond our understanding…

Source and images: ©Olga Valeska

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