Repressions, hidden desires, what are they and what they aspire to be…

During the last decade, the Argentinean artist Nina Surel, has created a unique series of portraits / landscapes which explore the life of contemporary woman, the relation with her environment, and with herself. Based in an aesthetics inspired by the Romanticism of 19th-Century (and which, ironically, contrasts with current woman ideals), in this series she presents two women, who at first glance can be perceived as twins, but who in the reality are two different face of only one woman. Lace applications, stones, buttons, bespoke jewelry, porcelain and wood, among other, are essential in these portraits. They also act as the symbol represented by that duality: reminding the spectator that photography is composed by reality and fantasy, as the world that the artist tries to transmit to us.

Source and images: ©Nina Surel 

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