For those who already know them such introduction is not required, but for those who do not, these Swedish musicians have been acknowledged for their experimental and alternative music, participating in this viral project of electronic music and audiovisual art, that could remove yourself some fibers. If you are  a person who like to discover new sounds, or inquire with groups that offer you another musical and visual proposal, Iamawhoami is a great option, to give the chance for bands with more proposal in musical culture. If you want to have a clearer idea of the sound handled by these guys, you can relate them to The Knife, Grimes, Fever Ray and M83. You must be aware, because Blue Blue will be released on November 10, in physical and digital editing and, of course nature is doing presence in this visual record. Hunting this album, that will be released worldwide, will be a new task. Here we leave a gallery of the album, and the new single “Chasing kites”.

Images and video: ©iamamiwhoami

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