We invite you to know these five destinies located along the wonderful state of Veracruz:


Villa Rica

1. Villa Rica: is a historic site where Hernán Cortés sank his ships and built the first population of Conquest. Besides a calm surf beach, this place has two routes hike to a spectacular cliff and dune area, where are performed extreme sports. Very close to Villa Rica, is the Rock of Quiahuixtlan, an important archaeological site of the Totonac culture.


2. Roca Partida

2. Roca Partida: is the place that you only see in movies, and do not know which is just a few kilometers from the city. Regular waves beaches are an excellent alternative for adventure tourism. This site, considered Biosphere Reserve, is located 130 kilometers from Puerto de Veracruz, across the road leading to the village of Angel R. Cabada. In the cave located near Roca Partida, is rumored that there are still remnants of pirate ships.


La Antigua Veracruz

3. La Antigua Veracruz: At the mouth of the river Huitzilapan is La Antigua, founded by Hernán Cortés following his arrival in 1519. In 1525, the Villa Rica de la Veracruz was moved to this site and remained there until 1600. In this region there are important historical symbols of Veracruz, including the house of the conqueror, which was built with coral rocks, river stone, tortoise shell and slime oyster. It is impressive to see trees rooted in the walls of this Andalusian style building.


La Cueva de la Orquídea

4. La Cueva de la Orquídea (The Cave of the Orchid): After the eruption of the volcano Macuiltepetl Orchid Cave was formed. So called because the flow of magma formed a bubble to burst and solidify took the form of this flower. The cave, according to archaeological studies, was used for religious and astronomical observation by the first settlers of the area. The cave has an initial dome of 15 meters high and 20 meters wide, and is connected to other cameras through a complex network of tunnels.




5. Cascada de Soteapan (Soteapan Waterfall): This exotic destination is in the vicinity of the town of San Pedro Soteapan, unfortunately one of the poorest municipalities in our country, located east of the Sierra de Santa Marta. The road to get to the waterfall is covered by thick vegetation that allows to appreciate the natural diversity, making this ecological reserve in one of the most beautiful in the state of Veracruz.

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