Natalie Dybisz is a British photographer who born in Leeds in 1986 of whom we’ve already talked before and who have included in our Top 5 of the most brilliant photographers in the Flickr online community. Here you can read it. Natalie Dybisz, aka Miss Aniela, plays with different techniques of photography and this time we present her latest series made ​​in the lavish Champlâtreux castle just outside of Paris built in the 18th-Century. Miss Aniela describes this castle as a photographer’s dream, “in addition to its main stately rooms discovered an eclectic maze of rooms, stairways filled with books, tables, chairs overturned and dreamy light filtered through the large windows.” Were added in post-production elements and jewel tones to photographs. Her models use pompous outfits ideal elements add a touch surreal shots. Also some animals previously elected from Natural History Museum of Paris were added to photographs, a giraffe, a tiger and a butterfly. Some photographers who inspired Miss Aniela of 26 years, are Kirsty Mitchell, Tim Walker and Brooke Shaden. We include a video production shared this beautiful series.

Source and images: Flickr Miss Aniela

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