Nasser Malek: Balance between Architecture and Photography

From Argentina to Mexico and from Mexico to Italy, Nasser Malek travels the world seeking the call from somewhere waiting to be rediscovered. Malek studied advertising and worked as an editor for three years, however, left all this to immerse himself into the photography. After testing all its branches, Nasser specialized in architectural photography when he met Yoshishiro Koitani.



© Nasser Malek

Within his portfolio, one can find shots of the Argentinean moors and glaciers, Art Deco buildingsartillery and military schools in the city of Bari, Italy, among other. No matter where he is, loneliness and abandonment walking most of his photographs. With them, perhaps he seeks to evoke an anecdote that already was and will never return, telling stories of people who once were and who, like us, laughed, danced and dreamed.


© Nasser Malek

Today nothing is left but rubble and dust, but still lies in the air a question: how many things these places would tell us if they could talk?

Source and images: Nasser Malek

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