“Fainting, daring, be angry, rough, gentle, liberal, aloof, encouraged, mortal, deceased, active, loyal, treacherous, cowardly and courageous”, on this day dedicated to love and friendship, we feel compelled to celebrate so being mellow little what we like … love stories that have marked the history of cinema.

We could write a note with millions of titles, however, we have relied on some criteria in FAHRENHEITº consider essential in Western culture to enter this list, no one more important than another; being these criteria the originality of the story, the film production of the film, we yearn identifying the characters in these stories possible ideal but, well, you know what is your favorite, so invite you to comment on our social networks Your True Love: This is love! who knows proved.

  • – “Lovers of the Arctic Circle.” A 1998 Spanish film by Julio Medem.
  • “Before Sunset”, a magnificent  film by Richard Linklater 2004
  • “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” by Michel Gondry
  • “The Tiger and the Snow” by Roberto Benigni 2006
  • “Elsa and Fred” produced in 2005 by the Argentinean Marcos Carnevale.
  • “Amour”, produced in 2012, moving story by Michael Haneke.
  • “My First Kiss” a story directed by Howard Zieff.
  • “Nick and Nora, A Night of Music and Love” is a romantic comedy independent film of 2008 directed by Peter Sollett.

And as these, there are many more, think on our social networks today with what you plan to see your crush.

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