We all grasp to our favorite book, maybe because they remain us who we are. However, there are other books whose value resides in their antiquity or in their historic importance. These books have a great purchasing value. Below we present the list of the most expensive books in the history:

1. Leicester Codex: It is a compendium of documents, texts, drawings and sketches by Leonardo DaVinci. In 1994 it was bought by Bill Gates by 300 million.

2. Henry the Lion Gospels: These gospels were ordered by the prince of Saxony and Bavaria in 1188. In 1893 they were auctioned in 22 million.

3. Birds of America: This book by John James Aubudon, who compiled 435 watercolors of birds species, it was sold in 2010 by 8.8 million.

4. The Canterbury Tales: Dates from 14th-Century. It was written by Geoffrey Chaucer. In 1998 it was valued in 7 million.

5. Gutenberg Bible: It is estimated that it appeared in 1455, it is also known as Mazarino Bible. It is believed that there are around 180 copies where the original was sold in 5.4 millions in 1987.

6. First Folio: It is the first publishing of Shakespeare tales. One of the copies of this first folio was sold in 5.5 millions.

7. Northumberland Bestiary: It is an encyclopedia with definitions and illustrations of animals, both real and imaginary. It also has fables and parables that help the transmission of moral precepts. In 1987 it was sold in 5.4 millions.

8. Treaty of Fruit Trees: Written by Henry Louis Duhamel du Monceau around 1750, it has the descriptions of 16 different species of fruit trees. In 2006 it reached the 4.5 millions.

9. Cosmography: The first printed Atlas. It was valued in 4.2 millions.

10. Mozart Symphonies Manuscript: The original scores written by Mozart. In 1990 it reached the price of 4.1 millions.

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