Michel Gondry is concerned with the upcoming release of “Mood Indigo” (“L’écume des jours”), a film starring by  Audrey Tautou and Romain Duris.  Surely after seeing “The Science of Sleep” many moviegoers marveled art by idealism and magic of each scene in each location and each element. After this, Gondry decided to deviate a little of his style to produce “The Green Hornet” with a Hollywood model, so many fans were disappointed. We’ve seen the trailer for his new project, and really must admit that Gondry and his imaginary world are special and unusual, the repertoire has been chosen so flawless and props in the scenes that we see, look fantastic like the car after the wedding or the car with the shape of a cloud, as you can check at our photogallery. In addition there are visual effects that have nothing to do with futuristic fiction, but rather with a dreamlike vision, where everything is possible and curious movements make us smile throughout the whole film.

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