Urban landscapes of Hong Kong’s streets are adorned with countless illuminated signs that eerily glow in the darkness, lit the corners of this busy city, one of the most of the most populated in the world, and opening a window to one of its most iconic symbols. On this basis, Mobile M+:NEONSIGNS.HK celebrates the ‘neon culture’ with a virtual exhibition where more than 4,000 photos, essays, photo-stories and videos (among other means), are shared to explore the development, production, cultural impact and historic overview of this industry which is in the twilight of its existence. This museum, dedicated to visual culture, was feeding its archive because it launched a call for the public to share their photos and all the material refront to neon sign, tracing a Neon Map. To know more about the project, click HERE.

Source and images: Mobile M+: NEONSIGNS.HK via designboom

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