Orly Peña García , alias Misi Fushi is a Mexican illustrator and teacher of 24 years. She graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plásticas of the Bachelor of Design and Visual Communication and the Academia de San Carlos with a Diploma in Contemporary Art. She has been in several shows: Showroom Placard Contemporary Art 2013, Affordable Art Fair Mexico 2013, collectively at STAFF Mx Festival 2013, Bestiary  2012, Garage Art First Edition 2012. “The so everyday color, surrounding our perception and flooding the space may be something to be experienced while outside the common perception reflects a unique space”, says Orly. A limited space which does not contain any visible horizon. That infinite space can be introduced in simple format as paper. The color can be transformed into a mass of emotions. Thus Misi Fushi reflects in her work those inner emotions. Gestures in making represents the essence that makes every single emotion. The experimental materials are a distinct reflection of each emotion, which is why each piece has a particular emphasis on each stroke. Every spot, every line and rayon has the appearance of an accident and yet every accident is premeditated, is part of that experience that reflects the wealth of emotions expressed in each piece made by the artist. In the words of the artist, “those experiences that fill my daily work become unique and unrepeatable moments”. Follow Misi Fushi in Facebook or Tumblr.

Source and images: ©Misi Fushi

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