10 Corso Como, located in Milan, Italy, precisely in the number 10 of the street there is a boutique hotel that dates back to September 1990. Carla Sozzani, fashion editor opened her own gallery of photography, art and design at the same venue. After a few years, along with Kris Ruhs decided that this space is conceptually expanded and became a bookstore, fashion and design store, then added a coffee garden to become not only a bookstore, but a boutique hotel with three exclusive guest rooms. Events take place sometimes: presentation of books, articles and talks that align style 10 Corso Como. Editorial decisions around this library, come to life in this space, here you’ll find not only great books, but the finest and more refined art. This library is expanded thanks to its unique marketing idea and now has more branches in Shanghai, Tokyo and Seoul.

We share with you the  link of this wonderful international space.

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