Navajazo (Stab), debut of the sociologist and filmmaker Ricardo González Silva, is a proposal away from narrative conventions that puts the nail on the head by a ferocious satire of Tijuana society, hypocrisy and indifference. This film is a tough, powerful and provocative manifesto on the degradation and vileness of a woman struggling against the system of Mexican society in favor of marginalized: the lowest social scum that inhabits the border between Tijuana and the United States, the people that society refuses to see: rejected in a world that offers them the slightest chance to get ahead. An imagined apocalypse is presented to us through portraits of characters struggling to survive in a hostile environment, where only have themselves and the only thing they share is the desire to live no matter the cost. A videohomes director, a junkie in channeling Tijuana River, a toy collector and a Satanic old man playing songs on a Casio keyboard are some of the survivors. This is a film that mixes documentary and fiction to present a portrait of marginalized living in the border city of northern Mexico.

The documentary, winner of the Golden Leopard Award at the Locarno International Film Festival will be screened from December 4 in Cineteca Nacional, Cinema Tonala and Cinepolis.

Source and images: ©Interior 13 Cine

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