Ryszard Polański controversial is the father of film director Roman Polanski. Polański family with Jewish roots, experienced World War II in Poland and he had to move to a Nazi area for Jewish people. In 1943, when the war began to escalate, the German army took filmmaker’s mother to Auschwitz concentration camp, as well as other relatives. The youth Polański and his father were left alone. The father realized that children in the area disappeared. So, Ryszard helped his son escape: put a hole in the mesh containment and told him to go to a friend’s house, who would look after him. That night, Nazis came to the Jews departments and took all the children to a concentration camp.

Roman’s mother died and he did not know about his father for almost four years. At that time, friends of his father enrolled him in the Boy Scouts, where he began acting. Moreover, despite his young age, he also worked in radio. One day, while playing in the rubble Roman saw a man walking towards him. Suddenly recognized him as his father. Later, Roman applied to several universities.

Although Roman and his father were separated for a while as he remarried, Ryszard always prompted Roman to fight for his dreams. His Oscar-winning film, The Pianist, is based on the life of the director and says, that Roman dedicate this film to his father.

Source and images: Biografías y Vidas and Whatculture!

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