When we look at the work of artist Megan Geckler, we can feel that we are in a screen full of vectors. Precisely that is the optical effect caused on each of her installations with nonadherent ribbons of different colors. Behind every work, there is a planning process to carry it out, nothing is random or improvised. Geckler begins with a visit to the place thoroughly documented with photographs and measurements. Subsequently, this information is translated into 3D architectural drawings, so Megan can dominate the place and its possibilities for a later intervention with ribbons. The completion of the installation may take a day or be completed in weeks, depending on the size and scope of the project. Each space is transformed into an immersive environment in which the viewer has multiple ways to experience the work on his own terms. Since 1998 Geckler has exhibited in galleries, museums and alternative spaces, mainly from the U.S. She has worked with clients such as Urban Outfitters, Nike and Bobble and has mounted solo exhibitions at the Wexner Center for the Arts, Creative Artists Agency and the Pasadena Museum of Art in California.

Source and images: ©Megan Geckler

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