After eight years of construction work, on March 1 the ME Hotel opened in London, the first seat of the Melia hotel chain to be designed entirely from the building structure to the bathroom fixtures, by the renowned architectural firm Foster + Partners. The ME Hotel is a triangular space that is in a corner of the Aldwych area, in what was once the Gaiety Theatre, a center for the performing arts that was damaged during World War I and was later demolished to make way to an office complex. The exterior design blends with the architectural style of the buildings that are part of the neighborhood, also known as the “half moon”, and that define the spirit and glamor of West End, the structure harmoniously integrates a new building with 157 rooms and the Marconi House, a historic building dating back to 1904 and was recently restored to install 87 luxury apartments. In the corner of the hotel, an elliptical tower defines the limits of Aldwych and marks the main entrance. The tower is topped by a glass dome that represents a contemporary reinterpretation of Edwardian style vaulted ceilings, attic, guests can enjoy panoramic views of the city, while on the ground floor you can see the play of light between sunlight and the glass. On the ground floor are public restaurants and a champagne bar, but on the ninth floor exclusivity begins to feel a restaurant bar fully decorated with white marble. Moreover, the rooms clean and minimalist lines combined with a variety of luxurious materials and dramatic monochrome; lighting, unobtrusive and natural, is achieved through triangular windows that can offer spectacular views of the city. On the tenth floor are terraces to enjoy the urban oasis and the Radio Bar facilities include conference rooms, a gym and projection rooms with 25  luxury seats .

Source and images: ©Foster + Partners

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