Matt Pyke is an artist, designer and art director, founder and creative director of Universal Everything. Pyke creates digital visual spectacles, full of magic and creativity. The human body and its motion plays a very important role in his art. Animations with sweep, let see the creative and unique shapes in his art, always with the human element as a protagonist. Matt explores abstract and figurative forms and synesthesia of sound and image. He has worked for Apple, AOL, MTV, V & A Museum, Chanel and the Olympics, among others. Some of his most famous works are: Made By Humans for Hyundai Motor Group (2012), Tai Chi for Tokyo’s Framed Gallery (2012), Super-Computer-Romantics exhibition at the Gaîté Lyrique (2011) and visuals for Coldplay (2011).

Made By Humans | Universal Everything:

Source and images: ©Mike Pyke, ©Universal Everything

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