Matt Crump , a native of Texas, is known for starting in Instagram the photo style called candy minimal. As the name says , these pictures are characterized by being minimalist, with only photographing details of objects, places or people, retaining much of the background. Then in post-production each photograph receives contrasting shades ranging from pastels to neon.

One of the purpose of this movement is to create a community in Instagram where can be shared all photos of the style candy all minimal, using the hashtag #candyminimal. On his website, Matt also offers a tutorial step by step of how to take photos with this style, from capture to editing, with Diptic software. Currently there are over 15 000 photographs labeled under this hashtag.

Before creating this colorful minimalist movement, Matt worked for 10 years as an art director in various advertising agencies and had clients such as AT&T, Lee Jeans, Walgreens and Samsung, among others. Matt Crump’s project is an example of photographic trends emerging thanks to new technologies and the immediacy with which we can capture and edit images. Learn more about him and candy minimal in his Instagram and website. To make candy minimal style photos, see this guide.

Source and images: ©Matt Crump

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