With over 4 million page views DeviantAr, virtual space for emerging artists, and various publications of her works in newspapers around the world, the young Polish illustrator Marta Dahlig (1985), was surprised with her portraits. She’s a recent digital artist who through multiple programs has achieved a unique style and characteristic of this type of art. Gives her works a refined touch that mixes with the gloomy and dark, between good and evil, but without losing its original and beautiful part that make them totally pleasing to the eye.

She uses a palette of colors to give depth and impressive added feel to her work. Her illustrations of dramatic realism, they look away from the pictorial and photographic portrait painting classical approach based created photoshop, painter and Wacom tablet. The most famous series of Marta Dahling is that of the Seven Deadly Sins. In this seven sins are represented by women dressed in different colors.

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