The photographic portfolio of Marta Bevaqua fuses many styles: explosions of color, darkness, neon lights, ethereal elements, grim details, nostalgia … which does not mean that her style is not concise, on the contrary, through her photographs, Bevaqua explores all these issues and when focusing on each of them dominates. So, through her images, she transmits those feelings clearly and deeply, making them extremely attractive. Marta Bevacqua (or MOTHart, as she  is also known on the web), is a young Italian-born freelance photographer who specializes in fashion photography, living between Rome, Paris, and Milan. Her images have reached the pages of a large number of international publications, such as magazines, book covers and CDs. Learn more about her on their official website.

Source and images: ©Marta Bevacqua and Marta Bevaqua Facebook

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