Mariya Maracheva is a 31 years photographer and graphic editor originally from Belarus. Her series include female nudes and portraits. Mariya is characterized by taking risky shoots, full of sensuality and erotism, without loosing a touch of fashion and beauty. She uses sumptuous lighting in gold, red or purple tones, among others, giving the impression of extravagance and awakening the desire. In these portraits, we find elements that blend to create a world where beauty and aesthetics are the main focus. The models chosen by Maracheva, have a particular beauty, having been arranged to arouse viewer’s attention in each shoot. Fashion is also a recurring element in her series. It does not take a starring role but it is a must. Her name is synonymous of erotism, sensuality, sumptuosity, extravagance and desire without falling into the vulgar. With each shoot she invites the viewer to visit her world.

Source and images: ©MARIYAMARACHEVA

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