This pair of designers were met in the 60s. Françoise used to import jeans from the U.S., and Marithé knitted Ponchos. Thanks to the shared fascination for the American Dream they started to work for brands like Closed, Maillaparty or Complete Look. Three years later, they decided to start their lives like independent creators. It was when emerged their own brand “Marithé & Françoise Girbaud”. In 1965 the innovative spirit of these creators transformed the traditional jeans, and originated new experimentations with repetitive-washes and the called “stone wash”, which implies to rub with pumice stone on abrasive tables. From the 1990s they allied to applied technology to fashion, and created clotes by using the laser and thermo-fusion. They continued experimenting with jeans creating the double backstitch, or the famous “baggy jean”.

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