For Marina Refur , inspiration to develop her self-portraits can come from a myriad of sources: a fairy tale, a song, a landscape, a dream, the art of other artists, a conversation with a friend… but most of all, her creative root comes from the book The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. Based on this, this young German photographer of 27 years is the author of her own stories, which conveys through her photos. Marina tells us that since she was very small, she was always fascinated by creating, but it was until 2010 that came to photography and realized that through it could undertake emotions and ideas steeped in magical journey. Her work has been published in magazines in Taiwan, Germany and the Vogue Italy website, Vogue Photo section.

Do not lost any of her images, visit her website, Flickr and Facebook.

Source and images: ©Marina Refur

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