On the shores of the Amalfi Coast and the island of Capri lies the Marina d’Arechi Port Village. The Marina d’Arechi Port Village is located east of the city of Salerno in Italy. The Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava transformed the traditional design of a marina by the introduction of a modern and innovative architectural theme truly impressive. Salerno can compete with the most exclusive glamorsa and maritime stations.

At eight years old, Santiago Calatrava studied at the School of Fine Arts where he began his training as a draftsman and painter. In the Port Village thousand ships of great length and dimension can dock has been designed with a lot of green space, a space of entertainment and recreation and of course, an area where supplies are unloaded. Its pedestrian areas are very clean and integrating green leisure areas with a sense of calm and security for visitors.

Source and images: ©Marina d’Arechi Port Village

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