Marco Casagrande is an award-winning Finnish architect whose work focuses on sustainability and a vision that involves the human being with the environment. In his own words, his aesthetic discourse is directed towards the development of a commedia dell’architettura, in obvious reference to the comedy of Italian art, in the sense that human interaction should be linked to the social scene and constructed within the environment: “the reality is nature”, he says.

The Ruin Academy project, conducted by Casagrande in collaboration with  JUT Foundation for the Arts & Architecture in Taiwan, covers a five-apartment building located in downtown Taipei. The interior walls were removed to plant bamboo and other plants. Students of this unique academy live and sleep there, and there is a sauna on the fifth floor. The Ruin Academy is considered as an example or a fragment of a third-generation City, the organic ruin of an industrial city.

Images: © Casagrande laboratory

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