Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Man Ray is recognized as one of the central figures of Dadaism and Surrealism. Painter, photographer, creator of art-object and filmmaker, was part of the most exclusive avant-garde groups in New York, as Walter Arensberg’s Salon and Société Anonyme (founded by him along with Katherine Dreier), until he generated his own visual language which he called rayograph, a variant of the photograph in which dispensed with the use of the camera and placing objects directly on photographic paper creating nearly abstract images. 124 years after his birth, we celebrate and remember Man Ray for his great visual and conceptual legacy, which remains in force to this day.

Le Retour à la raison, 1923, is a film in which Man Ray experimented with his photographic technique in motion.

In 1926 he collaborated with his colleague and friend Marcel Duchamp, to create the Anemic Cinema, where the usual spinning discs alternate with puns and drawings.

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