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Lumera Labs has launched Lumera, in the joint financing platform Kickstarter, which is a new device that transforms conventional into smart cameras. While camera manufacturers build compact equipment and digital DSLR cameras with incredible large area sensors and interchangeable lenses of high optical quality, stylish phone made devices connected to the cloud, but with limited small optic cameras capture images of low quality. Lumera is a device which closes this gap by connecting the camera to the cloud through smart phones using WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Lumera is the first device that allows you to share photos from your camera with a single click without removing the phone from his pocket. This is achieved by pre-established social networks (like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) made from the phone settings, and with the help of contextual buttons and an OLED display that facilitates the user to control the process of sharing and display the device status.

Lumera Project Fahrenheit 2

Lumera fits the most popular cameras such as Canon and Nikon, and communicates with them via a USB connection. Meanwhile, the normal experience of using a camera on a tripod is not affected.

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The device allows easy connection to services cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive, and to its physical storage devices like USB sticks and external hard drives. Lumera team invites developers and hackers to build a new ecosystem between cameras and phones, and have therefore used an open operating system based on Linux, an open hardware and free software.

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Lumera was in pre-sales in Kickstarter from October 29 to December 9, 2014. You can now get the device directly on the homepage.

Source and images: ©Lumera Labs

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