The artist and designer Lula Aldunate, surprises us with a series of photographs of mandalas, made ​​with colorful and vibrant handmade tablewares. In Hinduism and Buddhism, spiritual spirals are a ritual symbol that represents the universe. In her series, Lula Aldunate recreates this subject with the undulating edge and ornate tableware, which mixes colors, patterns and textures in which juxtaposes in a perfect way, the motley Western culture with the spiritual and austere Eastern world.

Market Data: The first evidence on the development of porcelain arise in China, during the Han Dynasty. Long after, is known and highly regarded in Europe. From there various everyday have been made objects and ornaments such as sculptures, tableware and accessories. The first European porcelain is the Meissen, produced to date, which is highly valued in the world of antiques. Thanks to its extreme rarity and the enormous value of the quality of the material used, is part of the collections of the Russian, French and English royalty.

Source and images ©Lula Aldunate via: Designboom

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