Lukasz Wierzbowski is a 26 year old self-thaught photographer who always wanted to study art history but eventually received as a dental technician. He also began to study psychology, but realized that photography was his life. Lukasz began taking photographs at age 10, when his father gave him an analog camera. Certainly the characters in his photographs are fully integrated with the elements present in them, which is almost always nature and many colorful flowers. It is noteworthy that the model’s face is barely visible in many photographs, perhaps as a symbol that integrates human life and natural life. In his photographic technique uses a high ISO, which gets very bright pictures. His work has appeared in a lot of magazines like Neon Magazine, Waterfall Magazine, Kinki Magazine, Tokion Factory, Lodown Magazine, Stay Young and more. He published a book of the same name in 2010.

Visit his website HERE to see more pictures and his publications.

Source and images: © Lukasz Wierzbowski

Información e imágenes: © Lukasz Wierzbowski

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