Luis Adelantado Gallery presents a solo exhibition of the artist Omero Leyva (Mexico, 1985). One would think that the approach to the work of this artist wouldn’t be complicated because of its expertise, however, the relationship between the work and the viewer is more complex than it appears, because it challenges him to shed the lazy familiarity with pictures, which does not represent but confronts. The construction of his drawings is an installation in the two-dimensional space that brings together a glossary of allegories: the gallero, playgrounds, animals, popular musicians and sculptural landscapes. This exhibition shows the production of Omero Leyva, in which close to drawing and painting generates a kind of cultural psychoanalysis on the matter.

Source and images: ©Luis Adelantado Gallery

Address: Bonaire, 6 (Intersection with Paz, Ciutat Vella), 46003 Valencia, Spain

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