Louis Vuitton has been characterized by being a brand interested and passionated by art, throughout projects which fusion, and even blur boundaries between art disciplines and fashion. Marc Jacobs, creative director of the brand, called the French artist Daniel Buren to create the stage in which it was presented Louis Vuitton’s collection Spring / Sumer 2013. Inside of the central patio of Musée du Louvre, Buren created a yellow chessboard which combined and gave continuity to architectonic concept, even Cubist, of the designs of Jacobs. Their collaboration between was extended to the production of this collection campaign. For this project there was joined a third character: The American photographer Steven Meisel, who has become one of the favorites of French fashion house, by directing the majority of its campaigns. Together they formed a perfect trio, and achieved a unique synergy to create images which play with perception and which are based in repetition of color and space: Buren recreated a squares design similar to which we see in the catwalk. Jacobs selected similar models to coincide with patterns repetition and Meisel gave deepness and dynamism to frame, at the same time he captured the elegant, fresh and feminine style which characterizes Luis Vuitton.

Photos: Steven Meisel

Models: Ajak Deng, Athena Wilson, Bria Condon, Janice Alida, Ji Hye Park, Magdalena Jasek, Marcele Dal Cortivo, Marine Deleeuw, Nastya Kusakina, Nykhor Paul, Ruby Jean Wilson and Tian Yi.

Stylist: Karl Templer.

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