On this Father’s Day we recommend relive or discover the great cinematic stories between fathers of children from the archetype of Hamlet, with its multiple interpretations, including Disney’s The Lion King, to finding a missing father, referring symbolically origin search. Here are some stories where the relationship between father and child is central:

Bicycle Thieves: This masterpiece from 1948, directed by Vittorio de Sica, and considered one of the best films in the history, tells the story of a man who, in a moment of luck, manages to get a job putting up posters. The condition to get the job is to have a bike, but that day his bike was stolen. The film, whose actors were common people, takes place during the day in which the employee, accompanied and ultimately saved by his son, chases the bicycle thief.

The Big Fish: Directed by Tim Burton and starring by Ewan McGregor, the film tells the story of Edward Bloom narrated by his son, a man incompatible with the fictions that intersperses his father to talk about his life. The film is an emotional and reconciliation trip between father and son, and is also an apology of the power of metaphors in the lives of people.

The Road: Based on one of the most powerful novels so far this century, The Road, written by Cormac McCarthy, is a lucky film adaptation of the novel. Often classified in the genre of post-apocalyptic science fiction, the truth is that this film is rather the story of a father whose last mission is to stay alive to save his son. Viggo Mortensen plays the father, who used all his strength to reach the sea along with his son.

Nebraska: The most recent cinematographic piece of Alexander Payne, applauded both in Cannes and the Oscars, begins with Woody Grant, played by Bruce Dern, while walking alone on the road. The old man goes to Lincoln, Nebraska, to collect a prize of one million. His son, with whom he does not have the best relationship, tries to convince him that it is a scam, but the old man is a fool and does not rest until he reaches Lincoln. Nebraska is a road movie in a dramatic tone that shows a close relationship and reconciliation between a son and his father

Source: IMDB

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