A series that invites you to discover the fascinating world of literature

by its own authors.

Premiere : Saturday October 5, at 21:30 hrs.

– The program brings together various contemporary writers who talk about their life and work in order to bring viewers to the literature and the enjoyment of reading.

– ” If something we can do for reading, is to spread the taste for it . The program is for the potential reader and for which it already is, we want to open horizons. We want to make of the image and the word a wonderful partnership “: Mónica Lavín.

Once TV Mexico presents the documentary series ” Word of Author ” hosted by Monica Lavin, a program consisting of entertaining talks with different contemporary writers who talk about their life and work, and literary, with the aim of bringing viewers to the literature and the enjoyment of reading.

Once TV Mexico, points out that this space seeks to disseminate the work and the different facets of the best writers of our time. “It is a great pleasure to present this program because we have very good feathers, very good writers. It was given a special rhythm that it speaks of the author, his work and have some anecdotes. They all have a life story and is something very pleased recovered in these programs”, added.

Monica Lavin says the intention of the project is that the public conceives of these poets and storytellers as near and dear as during the talks, they all speak of a natural and sincere relationship with reading and writing. ” If something we can do for reading, is spreading the taste for it . One way to do is just have these conversations that maybe life can not give us, but that this program will allow us. The show is for the potential reader and for who already is, we want to open horizons. We want to make the image and the word wonderful partnership”.

Lavin admits that the questions are raised there for writers, have to do with personal curiosity because she played the role of the viewers of this program. “They talk like you could have on an after-dinner conversation, a little snooping through conversation on life stories, at the root of what has made the writers who have prizes and who are well known, be what they are today”, she said.

The writer Eraclio Zepeda told about his experience to participate in this project. “For me it was very nice to be in this program with my good friend (Lavin). The conversation I had with Monica in my house was very nice, despite the presence of the cameras. I was interested in a lot that would forever destroy the image of the writer as a being from another world and to show our work as any other”, he said.

In each program, the public will have the opportunity to meet the family of writers, the Mexico in which they live, their favorite books, their decision to choose this profession, tehir literary influences, tehir experiences in publishing, genres explored, the meeting with readers, awards, and the whole environment of a creative writer.

The series consists of 13 episodes covering the spectrum of the literature of our country, taking as the work of several generations and the different ways in which they are working the word.

To carry out this program was chosen a very vivid mosaic of authors who already have a career and have already won awards and recognitions. The guest writers are Elmer Mendoza, Cristina Rivera Garza, Francisco Hinojosa, Elena Poniatowska, Hernán Lara Zavala, Myriam Moscona, Hernán Bravo Varela, Rosa Beltran, Felipe Garrido, Rafael Pérez Gay, Ana García Berguas, David Martin del Campo and Eraclio Zepeda.

It should be noted that each program is done in a different location that may be even the interviewed’s own home, as well as the most colorful and representative places of Mexico City as the Library “José Vasconcelos” Luis Barragan’s house, Miguel Angel Porrua’s house, Elena Garro Cultural Center and the Instituto Cultural Helenico, among others.

About Mónica Lavín

Monica Lavin is a renowned Mexican writer, author of novels, short stories and chronicles. She has received numerous international awards, including the National Book Award Gilberto Owen, Narrative of Colima Prize for Café Cortado and Elena Poniatowska Ibero-American Novel Award by Yo, la peor. Her most recent novel is Las rebeldes. Her stories have been translated into several languages. She has also been a researcher, teacher, editor, screenwriter and radio host. She has given lectures and readings​​in forums and universities in Mexico and abroad. She is currently a research professor at the Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México  at the Academy of Creative Writing. She belongs to the National System of Creators.

Source and images: © Once TV

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