“I discovered photography as an art-form when I was 13. It quickly became an escape from the trials of adolescence, and an excuse to let it soldier on. The reason to get up in the morning and wash your hair… To forge, through art, a place for yourself in the world and fight tooth and nail to stay there”. This is how Lissy Elle, photographer originally from a small town in Canada, see her art. Currently based in New York, Lissy dabbled in photography at age 13, starting a “365 project”, in which she should take a photo for 365 days a year. She failed to complete the project, however, this experience surfaced in her a passion that defined her. Inspired by the nature around her and the stories of childhood, Lissy has developed her own photographic imagery, where takes elements from stories like Alice in Wonderland and Snow White, endorsing them. Lissy has a large presence on the web, with nearly 50,000 followers on Facebook. Her images have appeared in the pages of many publications, books and CD covers.

Source and images: ©Lissy Elle and Lissy Elle Facebook

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