Liars is an art punk trio formed in Brooklyn, whose trend has been gradually materialized into seven studio productions, from a garage punk sound to a more minimalist style where they incorporate an electronic processing, resulting in a more violent and less shy sound. An example of this transition is the pass from the introspective WIXIW (Mute, 2012) to their latest release, Mess (Mute, 2014), in which they fuse their notorious influence of punk rock with much synthesizer and industrial textures. Projecting the bold and vibrant sound of this album, the cover shows a photograph of an object made ​​by drummer Julian Gross, which is a fan of colored yarn, being the protagonist of the campaign.

Directed by Luis Cervero, this is the video for “Mess On A Mission”, an introduction to the unstable sound of the record.

The second single from this production is “Pro Anti Anti”, one of the climax in the disc. Its launch was accompanied by an interesting video directed by Yoonha Park.

Source and images: © Liars

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