The dark genre, went from being regarded with contempt for intellectuals to become a cult genre rescued by publishers and critics. Authors like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Raymond Chandler and Georges Simenon are essential for good crime fiction reader. The Prince of Asturias Award for Letters to the Irish writer John Banville is proof that the crime novel is in perfect health and moreover, that the authors who preach it have the same caliber as those of any other genre. Benjamin Black, Banville’s pseudonym, is the author of novels such as The Black Eyed Blonde, Vengance, Ancient Light, A Death in Summer and many others, published in Spanish by Alfaguara and Anagrama. Banville has won numerous European awards in addition to the recent and is the creator of the famous and beloved Doctor Quirke and Inspector Hackett his friend, who star in a series of six novels and also have a TV series on the BBC. If you enjoy the detective genre, do not miss the opportunity to meet this great from Irish literature.

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Covers: ©Picador,  ©Alfaguara y © Anagrama

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