For ten days , attendees will have access to more than 200 publishers and 350 national and international literary seals

  • The XIII edition of the fair emphasizes the promotion of reading and bring the citizens of the capital outstanding literary and renowned writers
  • The Fair includes the participation of Legorreta + Legorreta , Jerónimo Hagerman and Luis Almeida in designing exhibition areas, integration of green and graphic image

The XIII edition of the International Book Fair in Mexico City will bring us the opportunity to present domestic and foreign literary works, as well as the participation of internationally renowned writers to achieve its main goal: to awaken people’s interest in reading.

All activities are geared to generate interest and possibilities of reading, emphasizing on the promotion of reading. They try to seduce new readers with a new concept of fair, besides the quality of content and services for both visitors and exhibitors.

In this context, the IBF will have a distribution of exhibition areas and services posed by Legorreta + Legorreta Architects, green spaces authored by Jerome Hagerman, and a graphical designer Luis Almeida, which invite the public to read.

From October 16 to 25 next, the Government of Mexico City, through its Ministry of Culture, will bring more than 118 prominent authors of Mexico, North America and Latin America, as well as works of all genres : poetry, sci-fi, historical, graph, and police novel, comic and children’s literature, among others.

This time, the Fair will have as theme, the social movements that have occurred in the last decade in the world, as well as the development and use of alternative means of communication such as social networks for broadcast.

“We wanted this show had a theme that, at present, is very particular: the demonstrations that have taken place in the world  in Latin America and Europe, as in the rest of the planet, and they have to do with an explosion of certain nuclei of society”, said the Director of Content of the International Book Fair, Paloma Saiz Tejero.

For ten days, attendees will have access to more than 200 works of publishers and 350 national and international literary seals. In addition, visitors will be able to interact with prominent personalities of literature, as well as paying tribute to two great writers: Carlos Montemayor and Augusto Monterroso.

Since the objective of the Ministry of Culture of the City is to encourage children in creative thinking and a love of books, there will be a workshop area of promoting reading and early learning circle dedicated to infants under four years.

The XIII edition of the IBF edited two anthologies distributed to attendees: the first with texts by 47 authors participating in the meeting. And the second, entitled “Chronicles of the city” with a selection of writings about the city of Mexico, since pre-Hispanic times to the present.

During the Fair will also deliver the sixth annual Premio Iberoamericano de Novela Elena Poniatowska de la Ciudad de México, the highest award that provides economic stimulus of its kind nationwide which has earned Alvaro Uribe (2008), Hernán Lara Zavala (2009 ), Monica Lavin (2010), Almudena Grandes (2011) and Julian Herbert (2012).

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