Bertolt Brecht (Germany, February 10, 1898 – August 14, 1956) was one of the playwrights whose work marked a turning point in contemporary theater. He was of that generation of intellectuals whose life spanned the most turbulent events of the early 20th-Century. He served as a medic with only 20 years during the WWI, and he lost a son fighting against the Russians during the WWII. After the wars, he became one of the most powerful voices on the rise of communism. His speech was mostly against the war, as told in one of his most famous plays Mother Courage. Among his main contributions to the theater is what is known as the breaking of the fourth wall or Brechtian break, where the actors are of direct concern to the public, bypassing the convention that the story takes place in a different narrative level. In addition to his plays, among which also features The Threepenny Opera, he wrote poems and articles.

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