Lara Jade is a photographer originally from West Midlands, England, who discovered an interest in this art since she was 15, since then she has worked on this with a very peculiar style. Throughout her career she has honed her skills to expand her business traveling around the world and sharing her vision and experience to the public internationally. Initially, Jade began experimenting with art photography shooting and self-portraying in her hometown to continue with fashion photography. At 17 she started her own photography business and not much time was hired by clients to portrait staring, publishing and record labels in the UK. She decided to move from West Midlands to London, she considered to have more opportunity to contact creative in the industry and bring her skills to the extreme. Lara Jade is inspired by black cinema in the old masters of painting and photography, beauty and romance. Since 2011, she lives in New York City, but shares her working time in Europe too.

Source and images: ©Lara Jade

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