As a kid, one of my favorite games was hide and seek. I still remember the thrill of being found while I remained silent and stood still without moving a muscle. Recently, this feeling came back to me after knowing The Labyrinth, a sculpture by the design studio Supermachine.


© Supermachine

The Labyrinth is a huge abstract red sculpture, that was not only created for contemplation, but also for its intervention, because it has stairs to the visitor to move from top to bottom and left to right, in addition it has small places to hide.

© Supermachine

© Supermachine

Supermachine is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by the Thai architect Pitupong Chaowakul in Bangkok in 2009. Its projects are characterized by diversity, as they can be very small as bottle openers, installations and exhibitions to other large as supermarkets or music festivals.

Source and images: Supermachine

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