British electropop duo La Roux comprised of Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid returned to the stage, presenting a musical tour which included new music before appearing at Coachella in April. It was in 2009 when they released their self-titled album, though not mentioned anything about a new one even though the new songs. The titles of the new songs are “Uptight Downtown” and “Sex Attack”, with great presence of piano and “Kiss & Tell Not” and “Tropical Chancer”. Besides these four themes playing in the Show of Brighton, this tour also showed a new version of “Fascination”. Although not mentioned anything about a new album, most likely Coachella would not have scheduled La Roux without a new one, so we’ll have to wait a while for the good news. Although these themes are not available in the official version, so in the meantime we share one of the favorite themes of the duet, “In for the kill”.

Source and images: © La Roux

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