(La Co (o) rniche) is one of the most stunning, beautiful, poetic, surreal and powerful places in nature. Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck described with just one sentence the essence of La Co (o) rniche, a spectacular luxury hotel located in the seaside resort of Pyla-sur-Mer, near the town of Arcachon in France. The hotel is a unique tourist destination, with spirit and history, was built in 1930 by Louis Gaume, a prominent businessman who discovered the potential of the area, then known as the favorite destination of princes, dukes and aristocrats. Through the years, the hotel has become a place of escape and an architectural landmark and seaside resort, however, Gaume family decided to do a remodel on site to give a contemporary feel while respecting its original style. Thus in 2010 convened Starck to redesign the interiors. The French designer was inspired by the natural landscape of Pyla-sur-Mer, mainly at sea and sand, considered by him as a surreal oasis so close to dreams as oblivious to reality and so capable of moving into a world alternate. The neovasca architecture of the building and dark wood furniture retain the traditional character of the hotel, while large sculptures in the lobby and hallways represent the current tone. In the rooms Starck left his mark through the monochromatic range, with a white star, and spatial distribution, with beds arranged in the center of the room. The remodeling, according to its author, is based on the robustness poetic: a large Murano glass lamp, created by the artist Aristide Najean, photographs and travel stories that hang on the yellow walls, creating a poetic atmosphere reflecting the history of the place.

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