The photographer and geographer Kilian Schönberger has an awesome eye for documenting the amazing wonders of nature. From lush mountains to the rivers, the German artist offers a view of the world from a unique perspective. He says: “I prefer temperate and high latitudes and alpine landscapes. I like the raw beauty of these areas and the surrounding peculiar melancholy.” This series , entitled Norway Landscapes located in Fjordlands, western Norway at its best and the most beautiful. The collection is full of individual light rays, rare and strange rock formations and quiet moments of solitude that are contemplative and relaxing. Despite his photographs are full of color, is color blind and can not distinguish between green and red, and as a result, focuses attention on the shapes, textures and energy emanating from his scenes and identifies the most incredible patterns throughout nature.

Source and images ©Kilian Schönberger  via My Modern Met

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