Katya Tsyganova was born in San Petersburg Russia, 23 years ago. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California. She is photographer and director of videos. She has won awards in photography and fashion advertising. She works in the U.S. and Europe where she is known by her style and aesthetic and even fetishist sense of fashion. During the first year of her career she worked for luxury brands like Vogue and large models agencies in Europe. This year she was nominated for the international award “Fashion TV Photographers Award”. She has won other awards like: EOTM Awards 2013, Outstanding video, Best International Photographer. Besides of working for Vogue, she has published in Glamour, Men’s Health, Fashion TV Institute, Papercut, Fuzz, Rockor, InRock, Celebrity Teens, Digital Inspiration,, Kaltblut, Digital Photo Pro, Foto & Video and Dorohin’s Journal. She currently works for her first exhibition in Chicago. One of the examples of young talents with great potential…

Blue Velvet from Katya Tsyganova on Vimeo.

Source and images: ©Katya Tsyganova

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