The editorial made by the photographer Julia Noni with the model Jeneil Williams for the magazine Vogue Germany, is the epitome of what a fashion editorial should be. Her sophisticated aesthetics, and excellent use of lights color contrast, makes a piece of art of each of her photos. Noni who born in Italy, and raised in Germany, now lives in Paris. Her photographic aesthetics is characterized by the elegance of contrasts, which achieves by contrasting the photographed  subject  with vibrant colors and landscapes, that immediately catch the eye of the spectator. This makes of her editorials  something different, images that we don’t usually find when we browse through the glossy pages of a fashion magazine. Julia Noni, who is part of the photographers agency CBA, is one of the best photographers in the field of international fashion. Her work has been published in magazines like Vogue, Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar. She has created advertisings for brands like Nike, Dior, Swarovski, and has photographed stars such as Robin Wright and Solange Knowles.

Source and images: ©Julia Noni y ©CBA

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