The series A Testament to Love of the photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten tells a story about the struggle in life when love goes wrong. The female figure of each image shows the eternal search of a happy ending, but they have a feeling of loneliness, fear, regret and resignation, waiting for a meaning to their lives or just expecting something to happen. Each image is composed of a scenario with cinematographic background, inspired by the location, the lighting of Hollywood films from the 60s and 70s, and the iconic work of Edward Hopper, thanks to the use of a harsh lighting and atmospheric heavens to increase the drama in broad daylight.

Although born in Bremen, Germany, Julia Fullerton-Batten belongs to a new generation of British photographers, as she moved to England at an early age. Fullerton-Batten has worked in countries like China, India, Chile or Australia. She has participated in campaigns for brands such as Visa and Canon, and has had major publications in Vogue in London.

Source and images: ©Julia Fullerton-Batten

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