Until May 18 , the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC for its acronym in Spanish), will present Jorge Macchi. Conjurer, an exhibition in which the Argentinean artist turns his research into the painting, and in which he serves of various means to put under tension the logical understanding we have of the world, with his sensitive and emotional experience. Macchi ‘s work part sof an elaborate system of obstacles and detours. Images interrupted industrial area where geometric figures, competes with a continuously fragmented indecipherable background.

Macchi activates a negotiation between the insignificance of his images and the time required for reflection and contemplation. Insist in think in painting as depository of a difficulty that is not resolved in the interpretation, or in the production of signs, requires a series of deviations that, through specific denials, makes present the viewer as the agent. What is proposed is an observation of the observation itself.

Fuente e imágenes: ©MUAC

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