Jon Crispin is an American photographer born in Pennsylvania, whose work engages in various fields. His commercial specialty is theater and dance photography as well as postcards and sports. His personal projects opt for the life of the marginalized characters in society, the places we live and the things that they own. Thus, Crispin gets his attention and camera to forgotten people by the image, providing a voice to those who have none. One of his most recent work is the series Willard Suitcases.

In 1995, the health department of New York decided to close the Willard Psychiatric Center to become a rehabilitation center for convicts. An employee found in the attic about 400 suitcases containing the belongings of former patients who were hospitalized in the period from 1910 to 1960. In this series, Jon Crispin portrays these suitcases and belongings of those people, revealing through personal items, those who decided to take the psychiatric, a final testimony of their lives.

Source and images: ©Jon Crispin, Willard Suitcases

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