Janet Echelman is a U.S. artist inspired by the sculpture that responds to natural forces such as wind, light and water, who no doubt, thinks in big. She has combined craft materials like threads to create her large scale sculptures that begin as a figure, a whole, that is seen as a unit and one can finally merge to watch every inch of surface after finding the meaning of the completeness of the work, integrating form, color and size. “Her Secret is Patience”, “Every Beating Second”, “She Changes” and “Water Sky Garden” are some of his most prominent locations in different United States. She was awarded by the Architectural Digest’s 2012 Innovator for amending the essence of urban spaces. The sculptures embody local identity ago where these are located and invite residents to join and dynamic personal relationship with art and place. The studio Echelman has the privilege of working with brilliant aeronautical and mechanical engineers, architects, lighting designers and landscape architects.

Source and images: ©Janet Echelman

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